Katrin Neue, ISMETA registered Somatic Movement Educator

I'm a Movement Suggester, Facilitator and Educator based in Dublin, Ireland. I'm a mother of an 8 year old, a dog owner, a Knitter, avid gardener and beginner weaver.
Professionally, I teach Somatic Movement Education in the tradition of Thomas Hanna, as well as Pilates and previously Ballet and contemporary dance. Struggling with injuries and pain during my dancing / dance teaching years, I was first looking for 'stabilizing' methods to help me recover. It made little difference in terms of pain relief, despite the promises. The issue wasn't a lack of strength, or being too flexible, the issue was habitual bracing and not being able to let it go.
My Somatic Movement Education classes and sessions guide you through processes that help you recognise these tension habits and how to release them. This does not mean stretching muscles, but restoring and developing the functional length and strength, so any movement practice feels more achievable, results in less strain and better recovery after strong impact. You also learn to respect your limits and make choices led by comfort and curiosity, something that was lacking in my dance training (and therefore, my movement habits).
My style of teaching is led by this curiosity and the genuine excitement about someone realising how they move, what variety of movement they can achieve and how simple the solution is. My eye for movement qualities and unique patterns has been honed through my extensive dance training (and watching many many beautiful dancers move) and teaching movement for 2 decades.
I am a member of faculty for Essential Somatics since 2017, first assisting and mentoring on the Movement teacher training and now teaching students from all over the world in the ESMTT since 2020.

In Dublin, I see people for private sessions that are a bit like rocket fuel for learning, as they are collaborative in approach. Group classes are held weekly via zoom since 2020 (I started teaching them in 2014 though!).

I will teach kid's movement sessions again in Rathgar Junior School for students from KGA to Form 6. These classes are based on my experience of working with children in dance classes and community dance projects, as well as my work in Pilates and Somatic Movement.
And to share my passion for making things, I visited RJS with my weaving loom and sewing machine before the summer holidays to weave and sew with Form 2 - from September 2022 I will offer a morning Sewing Club and a Sewing/Mixed crafts session to spark some creativity, design, share skills and most of all, have fun while patiently create something with our own hands. While I'm mainly a knitter, I have great fun dying with kitchen scraps (keep those onion peels!), hammering flowers onto fabric, crochet, spin yarn and embroider and mend by hand.